Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Air Quality Monitor Running

The Klamath Falls air quality monitor at Peterson Elementary School is up and running. At 2:00PM our PM2.5 level was 62.8 ug/m3.

Our current PM2.5 level means that the air quality is unhealthy for all groups. Public Health officials are recommending that all residents limit their outdoor activities at this time.

The weather forecast calls for winds from the west for the next 48-hours; therefore, the smoke is predicted to stay in the area until at least Friday.

We will continue to provide periodic updates as conditions and recommendations change.  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Local Air Quality Conditions

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties at the monitoring station in Klamath Falls. We are looking into the problem and hope to have the issue resolved shortly, the monitor is currently ‘offline’.

If you can see or smell smoke, the air quality conditions are likely to be poor. 

At this time, Public Health officials recommend to:
  •  Reduce the amount of time spent outdoors
  • Reduce the amount of time engaged in strenuous physical activity
  • Reduce indoor air pollution, such as burning cigarettes or candles
  •  Drink plenty of water
Individuals with respiratory illnesses such as asthma should follow their health care provider’s advice.
We will be updating this blog with the most current local air quality information as it becomes available.

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